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             Appeal No. 94-2842                                                                                   
             Application 07/882,351                                                                               

                          phenyl propanol,                                                                        
                          phenylethylamine; and                                                                   
                                               THE REFERENCES                                                     
             Hennart et al. (Hennart)       4,205,066        May  27, 1980                                        
             Metcalf et al. (Metcalf ‘922)  1,195,922        Oct. 29, 1985                                        
                    (Canadian patent)                                                                             
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             of Diabrotica spp. in Blossoms of Cultivated Cucurbita spp.”, 13                                     
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             (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)”, 13 J. Chem. Ecology 959-75 (1987)                                      
             (Lampman I).                                                                                         
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             Robert L. Metcalf et al., “Dry Cucurbitacin-containing Baits for                                     
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             J. Econ. Entomol. 870-75 (Aug. 1987) (Metcalf).2                                                     
             A.M. Rhodes et al., “Diabroticite Beetle Responses to                                                

                    2This article, which is incorrectly cited on page 3 of the                                    
             answer, is the Metcalf article which is referred to by the                                           
             examiner as “Metcalf et al (B26)” in the statement of the                                            
             rejection (answer, page 6) and is relied upon in the examiner’s                                      
             rejection as indicated by the discussion on page 7 of the answer.                                    

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