Ex Parte METCALF et al - Page 9

             Appeal No. 94-2842                                                                                   
             Application 07/882,351                                                                               

             not limited to any particular degree of attraction.                                                  
                    Comparisons which show the effect of hydroxy and methoxy                                      
             groups are presented in the Lampman declaration (page 4).  These                                     
             comparisons do not overcome the rejection because the compounds                                      
             compared are not adjacent homologs.                                                                  
                    We note regarding the Lampman declaration that it is not                                      
             enough for appellant to show that the results for appellant’s                                        
             invention and the comparative examples differ.  The difference                                       
             must be shown to be an unexpected difference.  See In re Freeman,                                    
             474 F.2d 1318, 1324, 177 USPQ 139, 143 (CCPA 1973); In re Klosak,                                    
             455 F.2d 1077, 1080, 173 USPQ 14, 16 (CCPA 1972).  Lampman does                                      
             not provide an explanation, or even make an assertion, that                                          
             unexpected results are presented.                                                                    
                                                   Claim 29                                                       
                    The invention recited in claim 29 is a method for attracting                                  
             northern corn rootworm by use of an effective amount of                                              
                    Andersen (page 696) and Lampman I (page 964, Table 1) both                                    
             teach that phenylethanol is effective for attracting southern                                        
             corn rootworm, but they do not address whether this compound is                                      
             effective for attracting northern corn rootworm.  However,                                           
             because both of these rootworms are Diabrotica species, one of                                       

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