Ex parte KLOKKERS-BETHKE et al. - Page 7

          Appeal No. 94-3564                                                          
          Application 07/890,314                                                      

          Silson patent in its entirety, including column 1, line 71                  
          through column 2, line 12, and Examples 1 through 12, we find               
          that Silson discloses far less than 32.00 weight/% of                       
          propyleneglycol.  The examiner has not pointed to any specific              
          portion or portions of Silson which would have led a person                 
          having ordinary skill to the claimed subject matter, including a            
          hydrophilic aqueous pump spray composition containing 32.00                 
          weight/% of 1,2-propyleneglycol.  For this reason, the combined             
          disclosures of Aouda and Silson, regardless how viewed, are                 
          insufficient to support a conclusion of obviousness of the                  
          claimed subject matter.                                                     
               Second, Nagy discloses an aerosol composition comprising               
          nitroglycerin as active ingredient which contains 10 to 49% by              
          weight of a C  alcohol comprising two or three hydroxy groups,              
          e.g., propyleneglycol.  The range 10 to 49% “reads on” 32.00                
          weight/% of 1,2-propyleneglycol recited in the claims on appeal.            
          However, Nagy also discloses 51 to 90% by weight of a C2-4                  
          aliphatic alcohol, e.g., ethyl alcohol.  In column 4, lines 3               
          through 16, Nagy stresses the importance of using a relatively              
          high alcohol concentration (“the alcoholic solution having high             
          alcohol concentration...is directly miscible with saliva, and               
          this results in a better and quicker adsorption of the active               


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Last modified: November 3, 2007