Ex parte CHANG - Page 4

          Appeal No. 95-0015                                                          
          Application No. 07/869,694                                                  

          pressure sensitivity and reduced reciprocity failure without                
          having significantly decreased speed (col. 2, lines 13-21).                 
          Johnson’s preferred silver halide grains are tabular silver                 
          bromoiodide grains (col. 2, lines 25-26; col. 2, line 67 - col.             
          3, line 2).                                                                 
               Mihara teaches that “[t]he compounds represented by formula            
          (IIa) or formula (IIb) may be added to the emulsion before or               
          after the addition of the sensitizing dyes” (col. 24, lines 21-             
          23) and that the sensitizing dyes can be “dispersed at any stage            
          during the preparation of the silver halide emulsion” (col. 23,             
          lines 59-65).  Hirabayashi teaches that substituted 1-phenyl-5-             
          mercaptotetrazole compounds are effective antifoggants (col. 5,             
          lies 57-63; col. 9, lines 18-19) and can be added at any time               
          from before forming the silver halide grains to after completing            
          the chemical ripening but before coating (col. 8, lines 47-58).             
          Mihara and Hirabayashi do not specifically disclose adding the              
          compounds represented by formulas (IIa) and (IIb) and a                     
          mercaptobenzotetrazole prior to heating.  The reference relied              
          upon by the examiner as providing a motivation to do so is James.           
          This reference teaches that heat treatment usually is needed when           
          a silver halide photographic emulsion is chemically sensitized,             


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Last modified: November 3, 2007