Ex parte ECKHARD WOLFGANG et al. - Page 5

          Appeal No. 95-0543                                                          
          Application 08/008,734                                                      

          conducting layer” [brief, page 6].  The examiner has responded              
          that appellants are not giving claim 1 the appropriate scope                
          based on the recitations of claim 1.                                        

          It would be appropriate to first review the teachings of                    
          Potter as applied by the examiner.  Potter teaches a crystalline            
          carbon (4) connected between a chip (diode 11) and a means for              
          eliminating heat from the chip (copper base 1).  There are four             
          metal layers between the carbon and the chip and between the                
          carbon and the base which serve to bond the three components                
          together.  Each of the bonds is made up of a chromium-gold-gold-            
          chromium arrangement.  Potter discloses that the gold-gold bond             
          could also be a silver-silver bond or a bond of silver-gold                 
          [column 3, lines 43-45].  The examiner has taken the position               
          that the bond between the crystalline carbon and the copper base            
          could be a chromium-gold-silver-chromium bond within the                    
          teachings of Potter.  Likewise, the bond between the crystalline            
          carbon and the chip could have one or two silver layers.                    
          When the Potter structure is viewed in this manner, there                   
          is one silver layer between the copper base and the carbon (layer           
          16 or 2) and one or more silver layers between the carbon and the           


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Last modified: November 3, 2007