Ex parte ECKHARD WOLFGANG et al. - Page 9

          Appeal No. 95-0543                                                          
          Application 08/008,734                                                      

          page 5].  The examiner takes the position that the term                     
          “sinterable” or “pressure-sintered connection” adds no additional           
          structure to the claimed device.  Appellants argue that the                 
          claimed pressure sintered connection of claim 3 is structurally             
          different than other connections and is not taught by Potter                
          [brief, page 7].  The examiner responds that appellants have                
          offered no evidence in support of this contention [answer, pages            
          Claim 3 broadly recites that there is a pressure sintered                   
          connection between each of the layers.  No unusual significance             

          is attached to this phrase.  Appellants state that “[t]he                   
          mechanical connection between the semiconductor chip CHIP2 and              
          the heat elimination means W2 is subsequently effected through              
          the use of a method of low-temperature joining technology                   
          referred to as pressure sintering, that is already known”                   
          [specification, page 5].  Thus, conventional pressure sintering             
          is implied.  To sinter something is defined as “to cause [it] to            
          become a coherent mass by heating without melting” [see for                 
          example, Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, 1985].  When            
          the term “pressure sintered connection” is given this common and            


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