Ex parte MATHIOWITZ - Page 14

          Appeal No. 95-2876                                                          
          Application 07/906,403                                                      

               reproductive organs to treat more than one                             
               condition.  Thus, for instance, monolithic                             
               microparticles could be prepared and delivered                         
               containing two different antibodies to passively                       
               treat two different diseases.  In fact, it may be                      
               desirable under some circumstances to actively                         
               immunize a patient against one disorder and                            
               simultaneously passively immunize the patient                          
               against a second disorder with antigen and antibody                    
               delivered in the same microparticles.                                  
          The matrix materials employed to form the spherical                         
          microparticle are preferably selected from "polyglycolic acid,              
          polylactic acid, as well as copolymers of glycolic and lactic               
          acid, and glycerol mono-and distearate."  See column 12, lines              
          42-45.  The preferred size of the microparticle ranges from 20              
          to 60 micrometer (micron) which implies that a pharmaceutical               
          agent incorporated therein is smaller than 60 or 20 microns.                
          Since the phrase "wherein said first polymer form as a solid                
          polymer core sphere not having drug as the core of the                      
          polymeric core" in claim 20 is                                              


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Last modified: November 3, 2007