Ex parte LAWTON et al. - Page 3

               Appeal No. 95-3031                                                                                                      
               Application 08/057,206                                                                                                  

                       The respective positions of the examiner and the appellants with regard to the propriety of                     
               these rejections are set forth in the final rejection (Paper No. 13) and the examiner's answer                          
               (Paper No. 19) and the appellants’ brief (Paper No. 18).                                                                
                                         The Rejection of Claims 5, 7, 8, 11, 13  and 21-31                                            
                                                       under 35 U.S.C. 102                                                            
                       After consideration of the positions and arguments presented by both the examiner and the                       
               appellants, we have concluded that the rejection should not be sustained.  Ojha simply does not                         
               disclose (1) validating character and field data candidate strings using a user profile associated                      
               with a particular user as in independent claim 5, (2) means using a user profile associated with a                      
               particular user for validating character and field data candidate text as in independent claim 21,                      
               (3) an image processing server for extracting character and field data text from an image through                       
               use of a dynamic database containing transaction context information and user profile information                       
               associated with the user as in independent claim 26 or, (4) accessing a user profile and validating a                   
               plurality of candidate strings using the user profile as in independent claim 27.  The examiner                         
               asserts that at column 7, lines 38-53, Ojha teaches establishing a user profile, and using the user                     
               profile to extract text and field data from an image.  We disagree.  At the aforementioned location                     
               Ojha merely teaches that a user of his invention can create a library of user-defined character                         
               codes to reflect whatever selective editing of a document and/or machine control functions the                          
               user desires.  The creation of a library in Ojha does not establish a                                                   


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