Ex parte LAWTON et al. - Page 5

               Appeal No. 95-3031                                                                                                      
               Application 08/057,206                                                                                                  

               information as required by the claim. The knowledge base or profile of Rosenbaum is that of an                          
               addressee on mail, not that of a user of the system.  Again, the examiner has given no reason why                       
               this gap between the prior art and appellants’ system is so small as to render the system obvious at                    
               the time the invention was made to one of ordinary skill in the art.                                                    

                                       STANLEY M. URYNOWICZ, JR )                                                                      
                                      Administrative Patent Judge           )                                                         
                                                                      )  BOARD OF PATENT                                              
                                                                      )   APPEALS  AND                                                
                                      JAMESON LEE                          )  INTERFERENCES                                           
                                       Administrative Patent Judge           )                                                         
                                              RICHARD L. TORCZON            )                                                         
               Administrative Patent Judge             )                                                                               


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