Ex parte ARVIDSSON - Page 4

          Appeal No. 95-3114                                                          
          Application 08/051,800                                                      

          the roof:  in Rauthmann, to accommodate the screws 3 and casings            
          4, and in Dutschka '424, to pass the lower leg 25 of the device             
          through the roof girder 3 (page 4, lines 13 to 15).  These                  
          references do not, therefore, disclose a device having an                   
          anchorage portion “such that the vehicle need only be modified to           
          the extent that the device [or securement means] is anchored [or            
          fixed] thereto,” as recited in each of the independent claims.              
               Accordingly, the rejections under  102(b) will not be                 
          Rejection 2                                                                 
          Riehle in view of Morsch or Rauthmann                                       
               Riehle discloses apparatus in which a load carrier 1 is                
          fastened to a vehicle by means of an adapter 4 in a space behind            
          the sealing strip on door 2.  Adapter 4 has an engagement member            
          5, 9 which interconnects with the engagement member 1a of the               
          carrier and will be tensioned when nut 17 on the carrier is                 
          tightened (paragraph bridging pages 4 and 5).  A neck extends               
          between 5 and the anchorage portion, which, in the embodiment               
          shown in Fig. 4, requires no modification of the vehicle since it           
          constitutes legs 12 hooking onto plate 7 of the vehicle's drip              
          molding (page 4, lines 17 to 20).  Appellant argues at page 20 of           
          the brief that the Riehle adapter 4 is not designed to remain               


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Last modified: November 3, 2007