Ex parte ARVIDSSON - Page 5

          Appeal No. 95-3114                                                          
          Application 08/051,800                                                      

          fixed in position on the vehicle after the load carrier is                  
          removed, but it is not apparent why it is not.  The patent                  
          discloses that the Fig. 4 embodiment may have projections on the            
          legs 12, hooking onto plate 7, “so that the connection is even              
          stronger” (id.).  This connection would appear to be at least as            
          permanent as appellant's catch-like portion 13, which grips                 
          projection 9 on the vehicle.                                                
               Riehle does not disclose that the engagement member 5 is               
          “permanently disposed outside the contour of the vehicle,” as               
          claimed, but the examiner takes the position that it would have             
          been obvious to so construct the Riehle adapter 4 in view of                
          Morsch or Rauthmann, both of which show adapters which extend               
          upward beyond the roof line of the vehicle.                                 
               It seems evident that in designing an adapter of this type,            
          one of ordinary skill would face the choice of whether to make              
          the adapter relatively short (as with the adapter of Riehle), so            
          that it would not project beyond the vehicle contour and thus               
          would preserve the vehicle's aesthetic appearance, or whether to            
          extend the adapter above the vehicle's contour (as with the                 
          Morsch and Rauthmann adapters), thereby making it easier to                 
          attach the load carrier, and allowing attachment of the carrier             
          without opening the door.  Which of these alternatives one of               


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Last modified: November 3, 2007