Ex parte JOHN R. KLUG - Page 6

          Appeal No. 95-4544                                                          
          Application 07/975,905                                                      

               multifunctional, namely a host PC which both                           
               coordinates the execution of file editing operations                   
               input by at least one of the plurality of users and the                
               transfer of data, limited to the edits, from the multi-                
               tasking PC directly to the displays of all of the PCS                  
               within the computer file editing system; and                           
                    2) a plurality of users at remote locations are                   
               able to concurrently view the same portion of the                      
               computer file on their respective displays, including                  
               any edits made to the subject computer file by at least                
               one of the users, and these edits are provided to all                  
               of the displays on a substantially real-time basis                     
               such that each user sees the edits substantially                       
               contemporaneously with the inputting of the same.                      

               The Examiner agrees on page 3 of the supplemental answer               
          that Jakobs does not teach the use of personal computers as the             
          workstations in the Jakobs system.  The Examiner further states             
          on page 4 of the supplemental answer the following:                         
               Jakobs did not specifically teach that at least one of                 
               the personal computers was to be designated the host                   
               computer for given file editing operations, and having                 
               multi-tasking processing means for coordinating the                    
               execution of said file editing comprising edits of less                
               than the entire file inputted by at least one of the                   
               users, and for coordinating the transfer of data                       
               corresponding with, and limited to, the file editing                   
               operations form the host computer to the display means                 
               for the others of the plurality of personal computers                  
               whereby the file editing operations and corresponding                  
               limited data transfer are performed in a predetermined                 
               manner by the host computer.                                           


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Last modified: November 3, 2007