Ex parte VALA et al. - Page 6

         Appeal No. 95-4814                                                        
         Application 07/935,507                                                    

         The only requirement placed upon appellants by the referenced             
         portions of 37 CFR  1.62 and 1.63 is that they file a                   
         corrected declaration.  Except for a corrected declaration,               
         appellants have complied with all of the requirements of 35               
         U.S.C.  120, and MPEP  201.08 and 201.11.  Thus, we find               
         that the Vala patent is not proper prior art against the                  
         claims on appeal.                                                         
                   Although Vala is not available as prior art against             
         the claims on appeal, the BACKGROUND section of Vala discloses            
         that high-speed document processors requiring intense                     
         illumination sources were well known in the art.  Accordingly,            
         we rely on that admission and Martino.                                    
                   Martino discloses a light table arrangement 17 for              
         illuminating documents  contained on film, wherein a large3                                                   
         number of documents on film are rapidly, continuously, and                
         automatically transported by film advance system 15 past one              
         or more imaging stations on cover 83.  As seen in Figures 1               
         through 4, one or more imaging stations are formed by the pair            

          A writing conveying information does not have to be on3                                                                    
         paper.  A film, like paper, is a material substance that can              
         hold representations of our thoughts via conventional marks or            

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Last modified: November 3, 2007