Ex parte VALA et al. - Page 7

         Appeal No. 95-4814                                                        
         Application 07/935,507                                                    

         of illumination systems 87 and 87a.  Each of the imaging                  
         stations has a prescribed source means which houses one or                
         more light sources 103, and projects a highly-uniform, yet                
         highly diffuse illumination beam which, absent a showing to               
         the contrary, is considered to be a "Lambertian integrating               
         vessel."  According to the IEEE Standard Dictionary of                    
         Electrical and Electronic Terms,  a lambertian surface has the4                                         
         same luminance regardless of the viewing angle.  Appellants               
         have not demonstrated that Martino does not possess this                  
         characteristic and is not a "Lambertian integrating vessel."              
         Martino states that a diffusing coating may be applied to the             
         reflective surface 100 of reflector 89 in the illumination                
         system 87 and 87a (column 4, lines 29 through 31).  Appellants            
         disclose throughout the specification that the preferred                  
         sources of illumination are either tungsten-halogen lamps or              
         arc lamps.  Martino discloses (column 3, lines 21 through 26)             
         that the illumination lamps 103 should be either tungsten-                
         halogen or an arc source.  The particularly chosen                        

         Jay (Editor), IEEE Standard Dictionary of Electrical and4                                                                    
         Electronic Terms, p. 363 (2d ed., New York, The Institute of              
         Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., 1977) (copy                   

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