Ex parte VALA et al. - Page 8

         Appeal No. 95-4814                                                        
         Application 07/935,507                                                    

         illumination levels and sources, the diffuse and reflective               
         coatings on the pair of illumination systems, and the                     
         uniformity of the illumination (column 4, lines 9 through 15)             
         combine to form "a hollow Lambertian integrating vessel" in               
         Martino as disclosed and claimed at least absent a factual                
         showing that a "Lambertian integrating vessel" has structural             
         properties different from Martino.  As illustrated in the                 
         cross-sectional view of the light table 17, a cylindrical5                
         shape, but not a cylinder, is formed by the illumination                  
         system 87.  The open end of each of the illumination systems              
         87 and 87a forms a very wide aperture.                                    
                   In view of the foregoing, the obviousness rejection             
         of claims 1, 2, 6, 7 and 20 is sustained over the teachings of            
         the admitted prior art in Vala and Martino.   It is noted that6                               
         no particular vessel shape is set forth in claims 1, 6 and 20.            
         Claim 7 requires a "cylindrical" vessel, not a closed                     

          The cross-sectional shape of the illumination system 875                                                                    
         has the properties of a cylinder.                                         
          Although the rejection is based on Vala in view of6                                                                    
         Martino, it is permissible to sustain the rejection in light              
         of the admitted prior art in Vala and Martino.  See In re                 
         Bush,    296 F.2d 491, 495-96, 131 USPQ 263, 266-67 (CCPA                 

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