Ex parte SAMEER H. ELDIN et al. - Page 2

          Appeal No. 95-5080                                                           
          Application 07/952,122                                                       

                    The claims are directed to an epoxy resin composition              
          comprising at least one liquid epoxy resin, an anhydride hardener            
          for the resin, a toughener and certain compounds containing two              
          active hydrogen atoms; a cured product and a process for                     
          improving the toughness of epoxy resins.  Claim 1, the only                  
          independent claim, is illustrative of the appealed claims and                
          reads as follows:                                                            
          1.        An epoxy resin composition which comprises                         
          a) at least one epoxy resin containing on average more                       
          than one 1,2-epoxy group per molecule, which is liquid                       
          and of low viscosity,                                                        
          b) an anhydride hardener for the epoxy resin a),                             
          c) a toughener, and                                                          
          d) a hydroxycarboxylic acid, a dicarboxylic acid, a                          
          disecondary amine, a primary amine or a biphenol, which                      
          is a mononuclear diphenol, dihydroxy naphthaline,                            
          dihydroxy biphenyl or another binuclear aromatic                             
                    compound which has a methylene, isopropylidene, O, SO              
          or S bridge and contains two hydroxyl groups bound to                        
                    the aromatic nuclei and wherein the benzene rings may              
                   also contain halogen atoms.                                        
                    Appellants indicate that claims 1-4, 6-13 and 15-21 are            
          to viewed as a single set of claims with respect to the issues on            
          appeal (Brief, page 3).  Hence, all of the claims stand or fall              
          together.  37 CFR  1.192(c)(7)(1995).  Accordingly, we will                 
          limit our consideration to claim 1 in considering the rejection              
          of claims 1-4, 6-13 and 15-21.                                               

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