Ex parte SAMEER H. ELDIN et al. - Page 8

          Appeal No. 95-5080                                                           
          Application 07/952,122                                                       

          are open to blending and/or reaction of the components in any                
          sequence, such as the pre-reaction of components a and d.                    
          The applicant urges that the prereacted epoxy resin cannot                   
          satisfy a mixture of a) and d) of the instant claims because a               
          chemical reaction generally alters the character and properties              
          of the involved species and the wording of the instant claims                
          requires the presence of four individual components and does not             
          encompass reaction products which may be obtained by a specific              
          reaction of two or more compounds.                                           
                    After careful consideration of the arguments of the                
          examiner and appellants as well as the evidence relied upon by               
          both, we find ourselves in agreement with the appellants that the            
          instant claims recite a blend of four ingredients and that the               
          prereacted epoxy resin cannot satisfy both a) and d) as the                  
          examiner has alleged.                                                        
                    We cannot agree with the examiner's reasoning with                 
          respect to the rejection of record and we reverse this rejection.            
          However, we are of the view that the teachings of Henton and Lee             
          would have rendered the instant claims prima facie obvious.  Our             
          reasons follow.                                                              
                    There is no dispute that Henton teaches a liquid epoxy             
          resin (column 2, line 60 - column 3, line 52) in combination with            


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Last modified: November 3, 2007