Ex parte ASHBY et al. - Page 5

          Appeal No. 96-0308                                                          
          Application No. 07/854,192                                                  

          lines 14-16 and lines 23-27; page 3, lines 22-25; and page 10,              
          lines 22-25.                                                                
               Kondo points out that greeting cards with read only                    
          memories have limited usefulness and convenience.  Instead, Kondo           
          suggests using a reusable RAM memory in a greeting card such that           
          the user can replace a message in RAM with a new message.  Kondo            
          suggests including the record and playback devices both in the              
          same card so that the user can easily record and play back a                
          message.  Kondo identifies as an advantage that the card can be             
          widely used for a variety of occasions.  Column 1, lines 17-28;             
          and column 4, lines 12-31.                                                  
               Kondo’s suggestion to replace a greeting card’s permanent              
          read only memory with a reusable RAM would have led one of                  
          ordinary skill in the art to replace the read only memory in                
          Tarlow’s greeting card with a RAM.  It would have been obvious to           
          include a RAM recording and playback means in Tarlow’s greeting             
          card so that a user could easily record and play back a message             
          as taught by Kondo.                                                         
               Kondo describes prior greeting cards with prerecorded                  
          messages in which the user could not record an individual                   
          message.  Kondo at column 1, lines 17-20.  Tarlow requires a user           
          to come to a recording center to record an individual message.              


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Last modified: November 3, 2007