Ex parte ASHBY et al. - Page 7

          Appeal No. 96-0308                                                          
          Application No. 07/854,192                                                  

          variety of products.  According to the examiner, it would have              
          been obvious to use Kondo’s card on a variety of products.                  
          Examiner’s Answer at 4.                                                     
               Appellants argue that using Kondo’s card on a variety of               
          products does not equate to a reusable, recordable product label.           
          Appeal Brief at 19, lines 9-10.                                             
               We agree with Appellants.                                              
               Claim 19 recites a number of steps relating to reusing a               
          recordable product label.  In the first four steps, a label                 
          bearing a recorder is secured to a first product, a message                 
          concerning the first product is recorded in the label, and the              
          message is played.  In the fifth step, the label is released from           
          the first product and attached to a second product.  In the sixth           
          and seventh steps, the first message is erased and a message                
          regarding the second product is recorded.  In the eighth step,              
          the second message is played.                                               
               Tarlow teaches securing a playback module to a variety of              
          products.  Page 3, line 33, through page 4, line 2.  However,               
          Kondo wires a recordable label into each greeting card, so there            
          is no need to reuse the label in a different card.  The examiner            
          identifies no rationale for removing Kondo’s label from one card            


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Last modified: November 3, 2007