Ex parte LARIVIERE - Page 3

          Appeal No. 96-0324                                                          
          Application 08/045,747                                                      

                    by heating it with a torch, and then send it                      
                    out to be plated.  The result is an unsafe                        
                    fork that may collapse, a bicycle frame that                      
                    is lowered to the point that the pedals may                       
                    hit the ground, and a high price when the                         
                    cost of bending and plating is included.                          

                    Appellant's improvement over the prior art springer               
          fork is set forth and briefly explained in the specification at             
          page 4, line 29 through page 5, line 14, as follows:                        
                    In accordance with the present invention,                         
                    the low rider springer fork is made by                            
                    bending a 26 inch fork to make a 20 inch                          
                    curved fork.  The bending is done cold, that                      
                    is, without heating the fork and without                          
                    damaging the chrome plating.  The fork is                         
                    bent into a smooth curve having about a six                       
                    inch bending radius.  The bend is slightly                        
                    less than a ninety degree bend, and is in the                     
                    range of about 70 degrees to about 80                             
                    Struts that are normally a part of the                            
                    springer fork are shortened to accommodate                        
                    the change from a 26 inch fork to a 20 inch                       
                    curved fork.  This bend gives the appearance                      
                    of a low rider without bringing the pedals                        
                    closer to the ground.  No re-chroming is                          
                    necessary, and there is no buckling of metal.                     
                    The low rider springer fork is used with a                        
                    standard 20 inch wheel and a standard 20 inch                     
                    fender.  A threaded fastener is affixed to                        
                    the bottom of the steer tube for fastening                        
                    the fender.  A long screw may be passed                           
                    through a hole in the fender and into the                         
                    threaded fastener in the bottom of the steer                      


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