Ex parte TAHARA - Page 4

          Appeal No. 96-0553                                                          
          Application 08/020,993                                                      

          to the operation of the prior art Figure 1 to the extent that               
          it is relied upon in Tanaka in conjunction with each of the                 
          respective embodiments.                                                     
               We make reference to column 2, lines 20 to 33 and lines                
          53 through 57; column 3, line 49 through at least column 5,                 
          line 24 for a basic understanding of prior art Figure 1 as it               
          applies to the claimed correlation feature.  These portions of              
          Tanaka indicate that all digitized television signals are divided           
          into blocks, each of which is comprised of a rectangular array              
          composed of MXN pixels arranged in M columns and N rows.  All               
          signals are processed in every embodiment including the prior art           
          embodiment in Tanaka in a step-wise continuous manner on a block-           
          by-block basis.  It is noted that even in picture memory portion            
          54, which relates to the motion compensation feature of prior art           
          Figure 1, this memory stores current frame information as well as           
          previous frame information to affect that compensation.  Although           
          this compensation per se is not pertinent to the issues on                  
          appeal, we make mention of this memory 54 because it begins to              
          set a proper context for later considerations.  The discussion              
          beginning at the bottom of column 3 as it pertains to prior art             
          Figure 1 of Tanaka indicates that the quantization step-size Qb             
          is calculated on a continuous or regular basis on the basis of n            


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Last modified: November 3, 2007