Ex parte TAHARA - Page 10

          Appeal No. 96-0553                                                          
          Application 08/020,993                                                      

               The arguments on page 4 of the reply brief are also                    
          misplaced in the context of our explanation of our understanding            
          of the teachings and interrelationships in Tanaka between the               
          prior art Figure 1 quantization of a first quantization step-               
          size computing portion to each of the respective embodiments in             
          Figures 3 to 6.  Appellant goes on to submit that even if one               
          were to construe Tanaka’s first quantization step-size as                   
          corresponding to a previously coded block, such construction                
          must be limited to a correspondence with an immediately preceding           
          or adjacent block of coded video data.  At oral hearing this                
          understanding was focused upon to point out that the corres-                
          pondence was with respect to an intermediately preceding block              
          of the same frame.  This understanding is not consistent with our           
          understanding of the way each of the respective embodiments 1 to            
          4 operate in Figures 3 through 6 of Tanaka in conjunction with              
          the respective portions of prior art Figure 1.                              
               Finally, we note that with respect to the Figure 6                     
          embodiment, the discussion at column 32, lines 11 through 21                
          indicates that quantization occurs with respect to luminance                
          signal data of a corresponding color coding block.  From the                
          artisan’s perspective, it is clear that for the overall system              
          of Figure 6 to operate with initial quantization capabilities               


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Last modified: November 3, 2007