Ex parte ALBERTSON - Page 2

          Appeal No. 96-0667                                                          
          Application 08/061,249                                                      

                    This is a decision on appeal from the final rejection             
          of claims 1 through 12, all of the claims pending in the                    
                    The invention is directed to a communication system for           
          a pay telephone.  More particularly, advertising materials for              
          selected business locations, along with toll-free telephone                 
          numbers for those business locations, are located adjacent pay              
          telephones.  Data is recorded regarding the use of such toll-free           
          telephone numbers and a statement is then sent to each of the               
          selected businesses for the cost of each telephone call, as well            
          as the cost of the toll-free service and the cost of advertising            
          associated with each pay telephone.  In this manner, business               
          operators are provided with information concerning the cost and             
          effectiveness of advertising for each pay telephone so that less            
          effective pay telephone locations can be dropped or changes in              
          advertising materials can be made.                                          
                    Claims 1 through 6 relate to pay telephones and claims            
          7 through 12 relate to "smart" pay telephones.                              
                    Representative independent claim 1 is reproduced as               
                    1.   A method of communication with a pay telephone               
          connected to selected business locations through a local                    
          telephone carrier and a long distance telephone carrier:                    
          assigning a separate 1+800-XXX telephone number to each business            


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Last modified: November 3, 2007