Ex parte ALBERTSON - Page 4

          Appeal No. 96-0667                                                          
          Application 08/061,249                                                      

          adjacent thereto.  The examiner states [answer, page 3] that it             
          is "inherent" for the businesses "to be charged an advertising              
          fee for the numbers being attached to the telephone."  However,             
          appellant challenges the examiner's allegation of "inherency," at           
          page 9 of the brief, stating that "[t]here are no advertising               
          fees in the prior art for signage [?] used with selected pay                
          telephone numbers."  Since Davis speaks of "subscribing taxi                
          companies" [column 7, line 40], it is not unreasonable to assume            
          that these taxi companies pay for the privilege of advertising              
          their telephone number.                                                     
                    The examiner recognizes that Davis does not disclose              
          these telephone numbers as being of the toll-free variety or that           
          the cost of advertising will be added to the billing statement,             
          as claimed.  However, the examiner contends [answer, page 4],               
          that it is "well known" to provide businesses with toll-free                
          telephone numbers and cites Smith for that proposition, adding              
          that it is an "inherent" feature to record the toll-free calls              
          for proper billing.                                                         
                    While we can agree with the examiner insofar as the               
          notoriety of providing businesses with toll-free telephone                  
          numbers and of charging businesses for such service and for                 
          advertising, the instant claims do not merely call for charging a           


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Last modified: November 3, 2007