Ex parte SKOW et al. - Page 4

          Appeal No. 96-1883                                                          
          Application 08/078,380                                                      

                          The Rejections Under Section 112                            
               The examiner asserts that certain of the subject matter                
          recited in the claims fails to find support in the specification,           
          and therefore the claims run afoul of the first paragraph of                
          Section 112.  It is the examiner's position that                            
               [t]he specification fails to adequately teach in what                  
               respect the path [of the fluid] is "angular" and "non-                 
               linear", and how the path is both "angular" and "non-                  
               linear" (Answer, page 5, emphasis in the original).                    
          We find ourselves in agreement with the appellants that this is             
          not a valid criticism of the specification.  With reference to              
          Figure 1A and the explanation thereof found in the appellants'              
          specification, for example, it is our view that one of ordinary             
          skill in the art would readily have understood the meaning of               
          these terms.  That is, the path of the fluid from plenum chamber            
          26 into the space between working surface 14 and bottom surface             
          of the article being conveyed is "angular," in that its overall             
          direction is upward and downstream.  It also is "non-linear" in             
          that this overall direction is achieved by traveling in several             
          paths, which are "stepped" with respect to one another.  These              
          are illustrated in Figure 1A by the sinuous arrows from plenum 26           
          through opening 40 into orifice 18, and between orifice 18                  


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