Ex parte SHAPIRO - Page 2

          Appeal No. 96-1996                                                          
          Application 08/181,075                                                      

               This is an appeal from the decision of the examiner finally            
          rejecting claims 12 through 27, which constitute all of the                 
          claims remaining of record in the application.                              

               The appellant's invention is directed to a member for                  
          blocking the closing of a sliding door, and to a method for doing           
          so.  The subject matter before us on appeal is illustrated by               
          reference to claim 15, which reads as follows:                              
               15.  In a sliding closure assembly including a frame and a             
          sliding closure member which is slidable in said frame between an           
          open position and a closed position, the improvement comprising a           
          child safety device which includes:                                         
               a blocking member having two parallel opposed sides; and               
               an attachment member comprising a strap having a width and             
          opposed ends, said attachment member being attached to said                 
          blocking member at one of said opposed ends, the other of said              
          opposed ends of said attachment member being attached to said               
          frame, whereby as said sliding member is moved from said closed             
          position to an open position, said blocking member is urged into            
          an operable position between said sliding member and said frame             
          so as to prevent said sliding member from being slid into said              
          closed position.                                                            
                                   THE REFERENCES                                     
               The references relied upon by the examiner to support the              
          final rejection are:                                                        
          Hoopes, Jr. (Hoopes)          1,664,174           Mar. 27, 1928             
          Salerno                       4,165,553           Aug. 28, 1979             
          Salvador et al. (Salvador)    5,369,840           Dec.  6, 1994             

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