Ex parte SHAPIRO - Page 8

          Appeal No. 96-1996                                                          
          Application 08/181,075                                                      

          more efficient door blocking member" (Answer, page 6).  The                 
          examiner's position here is undermined by the fact that the                 
          blocks in the Hoopes door retaining system do not contact the               
          door, but support a spring which does so (Figure 2; page 1,                 
          column 2).  From our perspective, there would have been no                  
          suggestion to one of ordinary skill in the art to substitute them           
          for pad 5 of the Swiss reference.  In the final analysis, the               
          teachings of Hoopes do not overcome the deficiencies in the Swiss           
          reference, and therefore this rejection of claims 21 and 22 is              
          not sustained.                                                              
               Both of the independent claims also stand rejected as being            
          unpatentable over the Swiss reference taken in view of Salerno,             
          which discloses a device for blocking a sliding door from                   
          closing.  Unlike the Swiss reference, the Salerno device is                 
          gravity biased into position rather than being spring biased.  As           
          shown in Figure 1, Salerno mounts a weighted ball 6 upon a rod 7            
          which, in turn, is attached to the door frame.  The ball rests              
          against the surface of the sliding door, and when the door is               
          moved from its closed position, ball 7 falls into a position in             
          the path of the door to block it from closing.                              
               It is the examiner's position that it would have been                  


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