Ex parte SHAPIRO - Page 5

          Appeal No. 96-1996                                                          
          Application 08/181,075                                                      

               door environment, as is claimed by applicant, since                    
               both are providing a means to prevent a door from                      
               completely closing (Answer, page 4).                                   
               The examiner's position is undermined out the outset by the            
          fact that the Swiss reference does not disclose a device for                
          preventing a door from closing, but for absorbing some of the               
          force of closing in order to prevent the door from slamming                 
          noisily or being damaged (translation, page 2).  The fact that              
          the door is not prevented from closing is clear from by the last            
          sentence on page 2 of the translation, which states that the door           
          is shown in its closed position in bold lines in Figure 5.  The             
          Swiss device comprises a pad 5 mounted on a spring 1.  The spring           
          is attached to a door frame of a swinging door perpendicular to             
          the door and such that the front face of the pad can intercept              
          the closing door.  As the door swings closed, it engages the                
          front of pad 5 and its closing force is absorbed by the action of           
          the spring.                                                                 
               Insofar as the appellant's claims are concerned, this                  
          reference has three basic deficiencies.  First, its purpose is              
          not to block a door from closing, but merely to slow its closing.           
          Second, there is no teaching in the reference of using it with a            
          sliding glass door.  Third, in order to install the device in               
          such a fashion as to intercept a closing sliding door with the              


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