Ex parte FORDYCE - Page 4

          Appeal No. 96-2551                                                          
          Application 08/037,767                                                      

          decision on petition mailed April 30, 1996, the Deputy Director of          
          Group 2500 held that the reply brief is entitled to consideration           
          only to the extent it concerns the  112 rejection of claim 2 and           
          the "capacitor charging/discharging" example used for the first             
          time at page 9 of the Answer.  Accordingly, we have considered the          
          reply brief only to this extent.                                            
                    The examiner contends claim 1 fails to particularly               
          point out and distinctly claim the invention for several reasons.           
          Regarding the limitation "secondary pulses of first and second              
          polarities and first and second magnitudes," the examiner offers            
          two criticisms.  The first is that the phrase "secondary pulses of          
          first and second polarities" is a complete description of both of           
          the pulses shown in Figure 5, with the result that the further              
          recitation of "first and second magnitudes" implies two additional          
          types of pulses, which have no support in the specification                 
          (Answer at 6).  We do not agree.  While it is true that the phrase          
          "secondary pulses of first and second polarities" implies that the          
          pulses have amplitudes, the further recitation that these pulses            
          have first and second magnitudes does not imply anything not shown          
          in that figure.  Instead, it merely makes explicit what is already          


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