Ex parte FORDYCE - Page 11

          Appeal No. 96-2551                                                          
          Application 08/037,767                                                      

           112 rejection of claims 5-9, which were rejected "for the                 
          reasons discussed in claims 1 and 3," of claim 11, which was                
          rejected "for similar reasons as discussed above with respect to            
          claim 3," and of claims 12-14, which were rejected "for the                 
          reasons discussed above with claim 11" (Answer at 5).                       
                    B.  The  102(b) rejection of claims 10 and 15.                   
                    Claims 10 and 15 are directed to precharging of the               
          first capacitor, which, as noted above in the discussion of claim           
          3, is performed by transistor Q5.  Those claims read as follows:            
                         10.  In a drive circuit for a power switching                
                    device wherein the drive circuit includes a transformer           
                    having a primary winding and a secondary winding across           
                    which a secondary pulse is developed when an input pulse          
                    is provided to the primary winding at a particular time,          
                    means coupled to the secondary winding for rectifying             
                    the secondary pulse, a capacitor connected across the             
                    rectifying means and a controlled switch having a                 
                    control electrode coupled to the secondary winding of             
                    the transformer and first and second main current path            
                    electrodes, the first main current path electrode                 
                    coupled to the capacitor and the second main current              
                    electrode coupled to a control electrode of the power             
                    switching device, the improvement comprising:                     
                         means coupled to the first capacitor and operable            
                    before the particular time for precharging the                    
                         15.  In a drive circuit for a power transistor               
                    having main current path electrodes one of which is               
                    coupled to a power source wherein the drive circuit               


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