Ex parte LEANDER et al. - Page 2

          Appeal No. 1996-0682                                                        
          Application 08/127,121                                                      

          claims in the application.  As evident from representative                  
          appealed claim                                                              
          25 reproduced below, the subject matter on appeal is directed               
          to an acidic pharmaceutical cream preparation containing the                
          active ingredient, podophyllotoxin, and between 3 and 15                    
          weight percent of fractionated coconut oil triglyceride.                    
               25.  A pharmaceutical cream preparation, consisting                    
               essentially of:                                                        
                    an effective amount of podophyllotoxin for treating               
               psoriasis or condyloma acuminata, and between 3 and 15                 
               weight percent of a medium chain length liquid                         
          triglyceride which is a fractionated coconut oil;                           
                    wherein the cream preparation is prepared by                      
          suspending     the podophyllotoxin in the liquid triglyceride               
          to form a      fatty phase, and then emulsifying the fatty                  
          phase with an       aqueous phase; and                                      
                    wherein the pharmaceutical cream preparation                      
          possesses      a pH value of between 2 and 6.                               
               Prior art references relied upon by the examiner as                    
          evidence of obviousness are:                                                
          Evers                    4,235,889                Nov. 25,                  
          Jacobsen et al. (Jacobsen)       0,119,852        Sep. 26,                  
          European Patent Application                                                 
          Leander et al. (Leander)      4,788,216                Nov.                 
          29, 1988                                                                    
          Makino et al. (Makino)   4,789,667                Dec.  6,                  

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