Ex parte LEANDER et al. - Page 9

          Appeal No. 1996-0682                                                        
          Application 08/127,121                                                      

          of ordinary skill in this art would have been led to buffer                 
          the Leander creams to a pH value as claimed, motivated by the               
          desire and a reasonable expectation of enhancing the efficacy               
          of the podophyllotoxin preparation.  See the answer at page 4.              
               Evers discloses a pharmaceutical preparation for the                   
          treatment of psoriasis with a carrier comprising coconut oil                
          and an emulsifier.  See Evers at column 1, lines 15-17, 31-38.              

          (The examiner primarily cites Evers to teach the use of an                  
          antioxidant, a limitation that appears exclusively in                       
          independent claim 37, as a common component for preparations                
          directed to the treatment of psoriasis which “prevent                       
          oxidative destruction” in the preparation.  See the answer at               
          pages 3 and 4 and Evers at column 4, lines 15-29.)  In our                  
          view, one may reasonably imply from the relevant disclosures                
          in Evers that a person of ordinary skill in this art would                  
          have had a reasonable expectation of success when using                     
          fractionated coconut oil (i.e., the C  and                                  
          C  saturated acid glyceride components contained in coconut                 
          oil) in Leander’s creams when treating patients suffering from              

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Last modified: November 3, 2007