Ex Parte HUMMEL - Page 4

          Appeal No. 1997-0144                                                        
          Application No. 08/424,223                                                  

          further discloses that the first or inner wrapping (12) is                  
          preferably a high strength multi-filament aramid fiber (e.g.,               
          Kevlar), while the second or outer wrapping (14) is one having              
          low friction, light weight, a silk-like hand, that is fast                  
          drying, resistant to light and low in cost, preferably, for                 
          example, nylon or a polyester (e.g., Dacron).  In column 2,                 
          lines 56-62, Bettcher indicates that                                        
                   [t]he core structure is designed to provide                       
                    cut resistance, knittability, flexibility and                     
                    add life to the yarn; and the windings retain                     
                    the core and create body.  The Kevlar                             
                    wrapping increases the cut resistance, and                        
                    the outer wrapping of nylon which gives the                       
                    yarn an oily feel enhances the knittability                       
                    of the yarn and overcomes the abrasive effect                     
                    of the Kevlar wrapping.                                           
          In further describing the stainless steel wires (16, 18),                   
          Bettcher notes that they each have a tensile strength of about              
          125,000 lb./sq. in., while the synthetic fiber (20) of the core             
          is relatively nonstretchable and of high strength, preferably               
          having a tensile strength of about 400,000 lb./sq. in. or higher            
          (col. 3, lines 1-9).  The first wrapping (12), also formed of               
          Kevlar, is described as being of high strength and as preferably            
          being of about four hundred denier.  It is noted that an outer              
          wrapping (14) of 200 to 630 denier can be used with satisfactory            
          results.  At column 4, line 20, et seq., Bettcher expressly notes           

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