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          Appeal No. 1997-0144                                                        
          Application No. 08/424,223                                                  

          [t]he use of a high strength fiber strand, preferably                       
               one having a tensile strength of not less than four                    
               hundred thousand pounds per square inch, such as, high                 
               strength Kevlar, for example, Kevlar 29 aramid,                        
               preferably of the multifilament type in the core is                    
               very advantageous.  Multifilament is more linear than                  
               spun and slides and/or flows better with the other                     
               parts of the core during fabrication and subsequent use                
               of an article of apparel produced therewith.  The high                 
               strength multifilament core strand which [sic]                         
               relatively unstretchable takes a great deal if not the                 
               major part of the tensile load to which the yarn is                    
               subjected during knitting.  It also appears to increase                
               the flexibility of the core part of the yarn over an                   
               all metal core and in turn makes the yarn more easily                  
               knit, i.e., imparts to the yarn greater knittability.                  
               The high strength synthetic wrapping 12 increases the                  
               cut resistance, etc. of the yarn but produces a hard                   
               rough, somewhat abrasive surface formed of hills and                   
               valleys lengthwise of the yarn.  It does, however                      
               provide a desirable rigid backup surface for the outer                 
               winding 14.  The top or outer wrapping which is                        
               preferably a white Nylon, a stretchable synthetic                      
               fiber, tends to fill out the valleys of the wrapping                   
               immediately therebeneath and produce a yarn having a                   
               good appearance and a relatively smoother non-abrasive                 
               surface.  Apparel produced with yarn of the present                    
               invention has a relatively soft non-abrasive outer                     
               surface and maximum comfort.                                           
          The Robins patent, like Bettcher, discloses a composite yarn                
          construction particularly adapted for use in cut-resistant body             
          protective apparel.  The composite yarn in Robins comprises                 
          (e.g., Fig. 2) a high strength core yarn (11) covered or overlaid           
          with a knitted, cut and abrasion resistant strand (12) of                   


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