Ex Parte HUMMEL - Page 6

          Appeal No. 1997-0144                                                        
          Application No. 08/424,223                                                  

          stainless steel or a high strength multifilament yarn (col. 3,              
          lines 23-27).  The composite yarn may comprise a high strength              
          synthetic yarn as the core yarn overlaid with knitted stainless             
          steel, a core yarn of nylon overlaid with knitted stainless                 
          steel, or may comprise a core of stainless steel filament                   
          overlaid with a knitted high strength synthetic multi-filament              
          yarn (col. 2, lines 12-19).  At column 3, lines 27-34, Robins               
          notes that                                                                  
              [t]he preferable embodiment thus far developed uses a                  
               non-metallic yarn as the core yarn 11, for example, an                 
               840 denier nylon multifilament yarn, with a .0045 inch                 
               stainless steel strand as the knitted cover yarn 12                    
               which is applied over the core yarn 11.  However, other                
               embodiments of core yarn 11 could comprise any type of                 
               high strength synthetic fiber material.                                
          In describing the embodiment seen in Figure 4, Robins again                 
          emphasizes (col. 3, lines 35-46) that the composite yarn utilizes           
          a single multifilament core yarn (21), preferably a high strength           
          multifilament, onto which is knitted a stainless steel covering             
          yarn (22).  Over the knitted covering yarn (22) is wrapped, by a            
          conventional spiral wrapping process, a pair of yarns (23) and              
          (24) which may comprise a multifilament yarn having good                    
          flexibility and knitting characteristics, such as nylon or                  
          polyester.  In claim 1 of the Robins patent, the invention is               


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