Ex parte FILEPP et al. - Page 2

          Appeal No. 1997-0782                                                        
          Application 08/158,029                                                      

               Appellants have appealed to the Board from the examiner's              
          final rejection of claims 1 through 15, which constitute all                
          the claims in the application.                                              

               Representative claim 1 is reproduced below:                            
               1.  A method of searching for and retrieving records                   
          included in a database provided in a computer network, the                  
          network having a plurality of reception systems at which                    
          respective users can request and retrieve respective records,               
          the method comprising the steps of:                                         
               a.  providing record locators indexed to record                        
          identifiers for the respective database records;                            
               b.  arranging multiple locators and respective indexed                 
          identifiers in plurality of groups, the groups respectively                 
          establishing predetermined subset searches of the database                  
               c.  assigning code designations to the respective locator              
               d.  generating a locator group code designation in                     
          response to a request for a record so that a group of record                
          locators may be provided at the reception system and so that a              
          locator may be selected which enables identification and                    
          retrieval of the record.                                                    

               The following reference is relied upon by the examiner:                
          Cichelli et al. (Cichelli)    4,429,385           Jan. 31, 1984             
               Claims 1 through 15 stand rejected under the second                    
          paragraph of 35 U.S.C.  112 as being indefinite.  Claims                   

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