Ex parte FILEPP et al. - Page 7

          Appeal No. 1997-0782                                                        
          Application 08/158,029                                                      

          request and retrieve this record information from this                      
          database selectively.  The body of claim 11 even recites that               
          table code designations are generated in response to a query                
          entered at the                                                              
          reception system or user's terminal.  The last clause of this               
          claim permits the user to retrieve at his terminal requested                
          applications information based on these queries, where these                
          applications have been defined as being in the interactive                  
          service database stored in a computer network in the preamble.              
               Similar conclusions can be reached with respect to the                 
          subject matter of independent claim 1 on appeal, which again                
          recites a method for searching for and retrieving records                   
          included in a database provided in a computer network, where                
          there are attached plural reception systems at which the users              
          request and retrieve these records.  The body of the claim                  
          therefore sets forth certain details as to how this occurs.                 
          The final step of claim 1 permits the user at a reception                   
          system to request (or query as in claim 11) a record defined                
          in the preamble of the claim as being associated with the                   
          records located in the database of the computer network in the              

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Last modified: November 3, 2007