Ex Parte ATON - Page 2

          Appeal No. 1997-1011                                                       
          Application No. 08/250,631                                                 

          1 is illustrative of the claimed invention, and it reads as                
          1.   A communication system comprising:                                    
               a transmitter for broadcasting communication signals having           
          an information content, comprised of a standard broadcast format           
          in addition to an associated icon string, said associated icon             
          string being transmitted with the communication signal;                    
               a receiver for receiving and processing said communication            
          signals, said receiver comprising;                                         
               circuitry for processing said standard broadcast format               
          portion of said communication signals in preparation for a                 
          display of said signals,                                                   
               circuitry for stripping said associated icon string                   
          comprised of both close caption text and other icons from said             
          communication signal,                                                      
               decoding/processing circuitry for decoding and processing of          
          said other icons, and                                                      
               at least one display for the simultaneous display of said             
          communication signals and said other icons, wherein said other             
          icons displayed is the source information such as a network                
          identifier or station call letters or a program title.                     
               The prior art references of record relied upon by the                 
          examiner in rejecting the appealed claims are:                             
          Niioka et al. (Niioka)             4,392,246      Jul. 05, 1983            
          Seth-Smith et al. (Seth-Smith)     4,890,319      Dec. 26, 1989            
          Takarada2                     JP 60-103888        Jun. 08, 1985            

               2 Takarada is the inventor name printed on the abstract and used by the
          examiner in the rejection, although Masao Kita and Tomoyoshi Kurisaki are the
          inventor names listed on the translation.  We will refer to the reference as
          Takarada for purposes of our decision.                                     

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