Ex Parte ATON - Page 5

         Appeal No. 1997-1011                                                        
         Application No. 08/250,631                                                  

         (picture tube 15).  Takarada, however, includes a single type of            
         character data (which appears to be for close captioning) and               
         does not describe source information as the character data.                 
         Claim 1, on the other hand, requires two types of icons, close              
         captioning and source data.  Niioka discloses providing a                   
         broadcast wave receiving system with a display of channel                   
         receiving information, such as the call signs of the stations, to           
         inform the user of the name or call sign of a channel as it is              
         received.  Niioka, however, does not transmit the call signs with           
         the broadcast.  Rather, Niioka presets and stores the information           
         at the receiver and compares the frequency of the received                  
         broadcast with frequency data stored with the call signs.                   
               We find no motivation in either reference for transmitting            
         the network identifiers with the broadcast signals, as the                  
         disclosure of Niioka is limited to presetting such information at           
         the receiver.  Additionally, neither reference discloses                    
         transmitting both close captioning and source data as the                   
         character data, as Takarada transmits only one type of character            
         data and Niioka does not transmit any type of icon or character             
         data.  Accordingly, the examiner has failed to establish a prima            
         facie case of obviousness.  Therefore, we cannot sustain the                
         rejection of claims 1 through 10, 14, 15, and 19 through 21.                


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Last modified: November 3, 2007