Ex Parte ATON - Page 6

         Appeal No. 1997-1011                                                        
         Application No. 08/250,631                                                  

               Claim 11 does not specify that the icons display source               
         information, but still requires two kinds of icons, including               
         close captioning.  As explained above, Takarada is limited to a             
         single type of character data, and Niioka does not teach                    
         transmitting any.  Also, claim 11 recites separating the icons by           
         function, and storing them in function specific memory circuits.            
         The examiner asserts (Answer, page 6) that Takarada's memory 24             
         is a function specific memory, thereby meeting the claim                    
         limitation.  Appellant contends (Reply Brief, page 4) that                  
         neither reference discloses such function specific memories.  As            
         Takarada transmits only one type of character data, Takarada                
         requires only one type of memory.  Consequently, memory 24 is a             
         single memory rather than plural memory circuits, as recited in             
         claim 11, and is not function specific.  Accordingly, we cannot             
         sustain the rejection of claim 11, nor claims 12 and 13, which              
         are grouped therewith.                                                      
               Claim 18 again recites two kinds of icons including close             
         captioning.  As explained above, neither reference discloses                
         transmission of two types of icons.  Further, the examiner has              
         failed to address the additional limitation of turning on                   
         automatically to down-load the icons for at least one channel.              
         The examiner asserts (Answer, page 4) in regard to claim 22                 
         (which further limits claim 18) that automatically turning on the           


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