Ex parte CANTRELL et al. - Page 4

          Appeal No. 1997-1184                                                        
          Application No. 08/206,706                                                  

          Rao et al. (Rao), “Accessing Files in an Internet: The Jade                 
          File System,” IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, no.                
          613-624 (June 19, 1993).                                                    
               Claims 1, 3 through 6, 8 and 10 through 15 stand rejected              
          under 35 U.S.C.  103 as being unpatentable over Huston in                  
          view of Rao.                                                                
               Reference is made to the brief and the answer for the                  
          respective positions of the appellants and the examiner.                    
               The obviousness rejection of claims 1, 3 through 6, 8 and              
          10 through 15 is reversed.                                                  
               According to the examiner (Answer, pages 3 through 5),                 
          Huston discloses all of the claimed subject matter except for               
          the step of transforming the request to remove operating                    
          system dependent syntax.  Rao states that “it is possible to                
          access the services provided by a physical file system without              
          regard to the machine type or the operating system” (page 614,              
          left column).  Based upon this disclosure in Rao, the examiner              
          is of the opinion that “it would have been obvious to one of                
          ordinary skill in the art [at] the time [the] invention was                 
          made to include the step of transforming [a] request to remove              


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