Ex parte CANTRELL et al. - Page 5

          Appeal No. 1997-1184                                                        
          Application No. 08/206,706                                                  

          operating system dependent syntax . . . in the method for                   
          managing file system cache in a client computer system                      
          disclosed by Huston” (Answer, pages 5 and 6).                               
               Appellants indicate that Huston “is generally teaching                 
          that implementations designed for use in a distributed file                 
          system, do not work well, if at all, when they are applied to               
          disconnected operation,” and that the focus of the Huston                   
          paper is to “[m]ake such implementations work in the                        
          disconnected environment” (Brief, pages 5 and 6).  Appellants               
          go on to explain that Rao also discloses a distributed file                 
          system called Jade that is used in connection with the                      
          Internet (Brief, page 6).  Although Rao is concerned with a                 
          distributed file system for networked computers, appellants                 
          explain that the computers are not disconnected computers                   
          (Brief, page 6).  Appellants further note that “both                        
          references are dependent upon dealing with the distributed                  
          file system protocol, which the present invention is not”                   
          (Brief, pages 6 and 7).  Appellants then argue (Brief, page                 
               Given these passages and the court’s guidance, one                     
               of ordinary skill in the art would not find it                         
               obvious to combine two references that teach away                      

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