Ex parte IWASAWA et al. - Page 6

          Appeal No. 1997-1212                                                        
          Application 08/017,839                                                      

          states that "a predetermined reference condition" in claim 1                
          is indefinite because it "is not clear what kind of                         
          condition is being referred to" (FR2) and that "based on the                
          predetermined reference condition" in claim 1 is therefore                  
          vague (FR2-3).  Appellants point to the use of the term                     
          "predetermined decision reference condition" at page 14,                    
          lines 19-25, of the specification.  The Examiner states that                
          the "condition is not fully defined in the specification"                   
          (EA15), which sounds more like a lack of enablement issue.                  
          The Examiner does not explain why the term in the claim is                  
          indefinite in view of the specification.                                    
               Another source of the Examiner's problem is confusing                  
          claim breadth with indefiniteness.  For example, the                        
          Examiner states that "in accordance with an output of the                   
          data processing device" in claim 1 is vague (FR3), when it                  
          is just a very broad limitation.  Similarly, the rejection                  
          that "[t]here is nothing in the claim about the criteria or                 
          parameters for parallelization" (FR3) really concerns claim                 
               The Examiner states that "[i]t is not possible to                      
          determine whether 'via the data processing device' means the                

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