Ex parte IWASAWA et al. - Page 13

          Appeal No. 1997-1212                                                        
          Application 08/017,839                                                      

          does not preclude the user from being highly skilled in                     
          parallelization techniques.  Claim 1 does not define the                    
          nature of the "prompting" as being questions.  Nor does                     
          claim 1 limit in any way what is considered "assist                         
          information"; any information which would assist the                        
          compiler in parallelizing the program can be considered                     
          "assist information," including actually rewriting the                      
          program or inserting directives or assertions.                              
               Appellants argue that the present invention "provides                  
          for a secondary, automated determination (i.e. deciding                     
          step) as to whether a particular program fragment is                        
          parallelizable after receipt of prompted, user input" (Br8).                
          The compiler in Padua re-determines whether the program is                  
          parallelizable in response to the user inputted information.                
          That is, the user in Padua provides information, and may                    
          provide more detailed information than in Appellants'                       
          system, but it is still the compiler that determines whether                
          the program is parallelizable.                                              
               Appellants argue (Br9):                                                
                    The subject application teaches an automated                      
               parallelization method for use in connection with the                  
               parallelization of a source program.  Unlike earlier                   
               systems, including Padua, et al., access to arguments                  
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