Ex parte IWASAWA et al. - Page 12

          Appeal No. 1997-1212                                                        
          Application 08/017,839                                                      

          reasons why a program portion was not vectorized or why the                 
          "assist information" cannot broadly be read on rewritten                    
          parts of the program or user-inserted directives or                         
          assertions which assist the compiler to vectorize the                       
          program.  Claim 1 does not define the nature of the prompt                  
          or the assist information.  Appellants do not contest the                   
          implied finding that the teachings with respect to user                     
          interaction for "vectorization" in Padua are applicable to                  
          "parallelization."  Padua is clearly directed to                            
          parallelization.  Appellants do not contest that it would                   
          have been obvious to perform the teachings of Padua on a                    
          data processor as taught by Iwasawa.  We next consider                      
          Appellants' arguments why the evidence is not sufficient to                 
          establish a prima facie case of obviousness.                                
               Appellants argue that "the subject invention teaches a                 
          system which allows for parallelization without knowledge of                
          parallelization techniques" (Br8).  The Examiner responds                   
          that the claims are broad and that the arguments do not                     
          correspond to the limitations in the claims (EA5-6).  We                    
          agree with the Examiner that the arguments are not                          
          commensurate in scope with claim 1.  The language of claim 1                

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