Ex parte GURNE et al. - Page 5

          Appeal No. 1997-2049                                                        
          Application 08/431,130                                                      

          system.  In an assembly line environment, an off-board                      
          technician terminal 100 interfaces with a vehicle’s on-board                
          controller 102 and executes programs that prompt a technician               
          to change vehicle states.  For each change of vehicle state,                
          vehicle operating parameters are sensed and compared against                
          known good parameters stored in a data base 104 (column 2,                  
          lines 9-17).  In a service environment, where more time is                  
          available than at the end of an assembly line, a stand alone                
          service environment version of the technician terminal                      
          executes enhanced versions of the programs executed in the                  
          assembly line environment to provide detection capabilities of              
          more vehicle problems (column 2, lines 18-26).  Figure 3                    
          illustrates a technician terminal housed in a console 140                   
          mounted on wheels 141 for greater mobility.  Console 140                    
          includes monitor 142, a keyboard (not shown), a printer 144,                
          and various drawers for storing cables and the like (column 5,              
          lines 2-10).                                                                
               In rejecting the appealed claims as being unpatentable                 
          over Abe in view of Boscove, the examiner concedes that Abe                 
          does not provide an off-board master controller.  The examiner              


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