Ex parte GURNE et al. - Page 6

          Appeal No. 1997-2049                                                        
          Application 08/431,130                                                      

          contends, however, that                                                     
               [t]he suggestion [teachings?] of the Boscove et al.                    
               patent in at least figure 3-4, 11 and the related                      
               text would have motivated one of ordinary skill in                     
               the art to modify the teaching [system?] of Abe et                     
               al. by incorporating the off-board controller                          
               including memory means as taught by Boscove into the                   
               teaching [system?] of Abe et al. . . .  [Answer,                       
               page 4.]                                                               
               At the outset, it is not entirely clear to us whether the              
          examiner proposes substituting an off-board system of the type              
          shown in Boscove for the memory cartridges of Abe, or                       
          supplementing Abe’s memory cartridges by adding an off-board                
          system like that of Boscove to the system of Abe.  In either                
          case, the examiner’s position is not well taken.  In brief,                 
          the difficulty we have with the rejection is the failure of                 
          the applied references, taken either singly or collectively,                
          to teach or suggest a vehicle diagnostic tool that includes                 
          both a hand held tool and an off-board master controller that               
          are connected together to work in tandem.  Clearly, the                     
          Boscove system does not include a hand held tool having a                   
          processor and memory means.  As for Abe, while we appreciate                
          that the memory of the hand held tool thereof is ungraded or                
          augmented by a selected one of the plurality of memory                      


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Last modified: November 3, 2007