Ex parte SCHONFELDER et al. - Page 2

                 Appeal No. 1997-2070                                                                                                                   
                 Application 08/487,921                                                                                                                 

                          The subject matter on appeal is directed to an tonable ,                                         1                            
                 radiation sensitive recording material comprising a) a                                                                                 
                 support; b) a tonable, radiation sensitive layer which adheres                                                                         
                 to the support; and c) a coversheet which adheres to the                                                                               
                 tonable, radiation sensitive layer wherein the support has                                                                             
                 greater adhesion to the tonable, radiation sensitive layer                                                                             
                 than the coversheet.  Further, the tonable, radiation                                                                                  
                 sensitive layer comprises at least one compound which after                                                                            
                 exposure to actinic radiation causes a change in the tackiness                                                                         
                 of the composition; a photoinitiator; a polymeric binder; and,                                                                         
                 importantly, a polydiorganosiloxane with polar and/or                                                                                  
                 ethylenically unsaturated groups which is present in the                                                                               
                 amount of 0.05 to 0.7 % by weight relative to the weight of                                                                            
                 the tonable, radiation sensitive layer.  Significantly, the                                                                            
                 polydiorganosiloxane component of appellants' tonable                                                                                  
                 radiation sensitive layer influences the adhesion properties                                                                           

                          1A positive "tonable" material has a tacky                                                                                    
                 photopolymerizable layer, which, upon imagewise exposure,                                                                              
                 loses its tackiness in the exposed areas while retaining its                                                                           
                 tackiness in the unexposed areas.  Thus, a latent image may be                                                                         
                 formed by applying suitable toning materials which adhere only                                                                         
                 to the unexposed, tacky areas.  See the specification at page                                                                          

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Last modified: November 3, 2007