Ex parte SCHONFELDER et al. - Page 4

          Appeal No. 1997-2070                                                        
          Application 08/487,921                                                      

          presently claimed invention is said to meet the needs of                    
          providing the proper “adhesion balance” between the radiation               
          system recording layer and the coversheet.                                  

               Appealed claim 9 is representative and is reproduced                   
               9.   A tonable, radiation sensitive recording material                 
                    a)   a support;                                                   
                    b)   a tonable, radiation sensitive layer which                   
          adheres             to the support; and                                     
                    c)   a coversheet which adheres to the tonable,                   
                              radiation-sensitive layer and wherein the               
          support             has greater adhesion to the tonable,                    
          radiation-               sensitive layer than the cover layer;              
          wherein said tonable, radiation sensitive layer further                     
          comprises i) at least one compound which after exposure to                  
          actinic radiation causes a change in the tackiness of the                   
          composition; ii) a photoinitiator; iii) a polymeric binder;                 
          and iv) a polydiorganosiloxane with polar and/or ethylenic                  
          unsaturated groups wherein said polydiorganosiloxane at least               
          partially controls the adhesion balance of the tonable,                     
          radiation sensitive layer to the support and the coversheet                 
          and is present in 0.05 to 0.7% by weight relative to the                    
          weight of the tonable, radiation sensitive layer and excluding              
          polydimethylsiloxane [sic, polydiorganosiloxane].                           
               The references of record relied upon by the examiner are:              
          Hodakowski               4,116,786                Sept. 26, 1978            

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