Ex parte SCHONFELDER et al. - Page 7

          Appeal No. 1997-2070                                                        
          Application 08/487,921                                                      

               improved inherent surface lubricity to the radiation                   
               sensitive layer (column 5, line 36 to column 6, line                   
               51 and column 11, lines 58-68).                                        
               We find the examiner's stated obviousness rejection                    
          problematical for at least the following reasons.  First,                   
          Hodakowski does not teach that the polydiorganosiloxane in his              
          composition functions as an “adhesion balance” controlling                  
          compound but as a component which imparts “inherent surface                 
          lubricity” to a coating.  Thus, Hodakowski’s radiation curable              
          coating compositions are suited to forming external lubricious              
          coatings for metal sheets which undergo metal forming                       
          operations and for forming coatings on a variety of other                   
          substrates including panels of thermoplastic or thermoset                   
          polymers.  See Hodakowski at column 7, line 63 to column 8,                 
          line 8.  Hodakowski specifically teaches that the radiation                 
          curable coating compositions may be applied over conventional               
          dry printing ink designs and cured to perform a protective                  
          overprint, or that such coatings can be applied directly over               
          any of the known radiation curable inks.  Again, see                        
          Hodakowski at column 7, lines 63 to column 8, line 8.                       
          Hodakowski, thus, is not directed to or concerned with a                    
          tonable-radiation sensitive layer or of a tonable-radiation                 

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